Unlike most local dental practices, Viznyak Dentistry offers full orthodontic services complimentary to general dental services. Early orthodontics makes a big difference.


A functional approach to orthodontics is not a new concept. It has been utilized in Europe for over 50 years. Treatment starts with establishing adequate airway, proper position of upper and lower jaws and development of dental arches in order to create sufficient room for all permanent teeth. Starting treatment at a younger age while a child is still growing, in most cases, allows us to straighten the teeth without extractions. While teeth get straightened, the emphasis is put on facial aesthetics, development of ideal lip position and facial profile. Using functional appliances also helps in the development of a healthier temporomandibular joint. Functional orthodontic treatment straightens teeth while creating a broader smile, optimizing facial aesthetics and helping with the health of the temporomandibular joint.

When all permanent teeth are present, braces are used to achieve ideal alignment of the teeth.

Adult patients going through orthodontic treatment prefer clear braces since they are less noticeable than traditional metal braces.

After orthodontic treatment is completed, all teeth have a tendency to return to their original position. Therefore, retention is necessary to prevent a relapse. There are two types of retainers:
• Removable retainers – worn mostly at night.
• Fixed retainers – bonded to the tongue side of the front teeth permanently.

Teeth can be straightened without braces using Invisalign. Invisalign offers orthodontic treatment through a series of clear aligners. Ask us for more information.